Dynamic Forms

Create customized forms tailored to for your organization and get rid of the tedious and ineffective paper form.

Offline Support

Enable for field agents/worker to work in remote communities and location with limited or no internet access. Blueform enables your agents to collect data when offline and synchronized back to the server on internet availability.

Location Intelligence

Visualize and track the location of your field agent/worker and point of data collection which is enabled using Blueform's location intelligence. Now you can guarrantee your data integrity and correctness.

Web and USSD Forms

Collect data and conduct surveys from beneficiaries and thirdparty personnels using the web form and USSD channel specifically target for communities and location with no access to smart phone and internet.

Map Display

Visualize your data on a map display, enabling your organization to have a better location Analysis of it's impact, activities and processes.

Data Analysis & Export

Analyze your organization data to gain deep insight of impact and activities as well as being able to Export your data to various application and industry supported file formats.