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We are a social innovation centre for solving social problems and connecting innovators to human and financial capital.

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Find answers to frequently asked questions here

What is Innovation Corner?

Innovation Corner is a social innovation centre that builds communities that design solutions for the world’s biggest challenges using technology.

How does Innovation Corner select its partner organizations?

Our Partners page has tons of useful information on what qualities we’re looking for in potential collaborators. If your vision aligns with our four most important criteria, we’d love to hear from you.

I’d love to be a part of Innovation Corner; what opportunities are currently available?

Awesome! Please visit our Careers page, which it’s up-to-date with all our current employment and internship opportunities (with a bit of background of who we are and how we work).

I’m not a designer, is there still a role for me at Innovation Corner?

Here, industrial designers, graphic designers, cultural anthropologists, engineers, and business people are all seen as designers and all of us participate in all kinds of design projects. We have come together from different backgrounds, and function as a tight-knit group fueled by passion, curiosity, and a desire for change. We love asking big questions, thinking with our hands, and learning from each other. We’re serious about creating impact through our work; we love what we do, and we’re looking for like-minded pros to join our growing team.

I am a start-up founder, what kind of support can I get from Innovation Corner?

At the moment, we only provide prototyping, networking and support accessing funding opportunities.

Can I come by for a tour or workshop?

Because we’re a small team working out of a small office, we’re unfortunately unable to host tours or workshops for groups or individuals. We invite you to stay informed about our latest news and new projects by signing up for our mailing list; we regularly offer insights into our human-centered design work, and its impact across the globe.

Why is Innovation Corner doing this?

Innovation Corner passionately believes that change in our society can only happen through the combined effort of all stakeholders and we are focused on facilitating this social change.

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Innovation Corner

A social innovation centre using technology to solve social problems.

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