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I am a caregiver, what can I do with Remind:me

  • Register child birth
  • receive voice call reminder in your chosen language
  • receive SMS reminder in your chosen language
  • check child vaccination history
  • update child data
  • confirm child immunization
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I am an immunization worker, what can I do with remind:me

  • support caregiver to register childbirth
  • support caregiver to check immunization history
  • support caregiver to confirm immunization
  • update vaccine inventory
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I am a development agency, what can I do with remind:me

  • Become an innovation partner
  • Become a financial partner
  • Become a service delivery (awareness and training), partner
  • Obtain permission from regulators in your country to access our database
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I want to volunteer, How can I support

  • Train immunization workers
  • Support state project managers in programming activities
  • Drive awareness within your community
  • Get on the radio, and deliver an immunization program in your community.
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Words from our partner

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The Innovation Corner has brought to Abia state a game changer to immunization delivery, which has strengthened our immunzation system and increased demand.

If you can recharge your phone with airtime, then you can use remind:me

It is easy to use works on any device and without a need for internet connectivity.